Previs Artist – One Way: an original sequence previsualization, 2013



• Animation • Cinematography • Layout • Editing • Sound • Animatic • Storyboards • Concept and Sequence Design •

by Geer DuBois

The character rigs and some of the models were pre-made by a third party.  I made modeling customizations and adjustments to various assets such as the roads, ramps, signs and the big-rig truck.  I also created basic rigs for the cars so that I could animate secondary movement.  I created my own textures for the buildings in the final segment and also made textures for the background matte paintings of the sky.  I created basic light rigs to establish a “daytime” feel through hardware based rendering “playblasts”.  Software Used:  Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere.


This is the Animatic that I made to establish timing and a shot count for “One Way”.



Before beginning the animatic or the animation, I created storyboards for the entire sequence.